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The short story of me, coming to a Blockbuster near you

Joseph HarkinsJoseph Harkins

If you want the condensed version of me, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

I grew up in Clontarf in Dublin in the nineties. As a nineties kid I enjoyed the best of both worlds, discovering the technology that we take for granted today while fortunately just missing the period where all the idiotic things we do in our teens and preteens is recorded forever online – only to be dredged up years later by prospective employers to find with an unfortunate Google search. In school I was a pretty stereotypical “geek”, interested in anything to do with computers. I became the guy who could fix your computer when it blew up from downloading too many toolbars or ‘free games’. I built my first computer at 14 and haven’t looked back since.

During my time studying at Trinity College I became involved with the then brand-new business accelerator programme, LaunchBox. After failing to get into the program with my own idea, I badgered everyone involved until they let me be a part of it and eventually end up co-running it. After graduating, I stayed with LaunchBox for another six months before joining Sean Blanchfield and Co at PageFair (check them out). I thoroughly enjoyed the six or so months I spent at PageFair, working with driven, super talented people. Unfortunately I couldn’t shake the gut desire to start my own business and was worried that it was now or maybe never.

These days I am busy building my own business, DeveloperFair. A full stack vertical marketplace for independent developers and the clients that work with them.

CEO & Founder at DeveloperFair